• Civil Service Workers to Unite at Government Employees Conference

    Join government workers from all different sectors and parts of the country at the 2017 National Government Employees Conference September 17-21, at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

    The conference will be a great leaning experience with government representatives, expert subject matter speakers and panel discussions to help sharpen your communication and representative skills. Each federal sector council will also have the opportunity to discuss topics with representatives at all levels of the IAM and NFFE/IAM during breakout sessions and then report on their councils business.

    In addition to the busy schedule, there will be reception to celebrate the NFFE 100th Anniversary on September 18.

    Register now and ensure a special room rate at Planet Hollywood.

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    The 2017 National Government Employees Conference is scheduled for September 17-21 at Planet Hollywood, 3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

    A special room rate has been arranged at Planet Hollywood for $75 plus a $32 daily resort fee for a single or double room. Hotel reservations can be made through Metropolitan Travel at https://metropolitantravel.com/iamaw-gov-emp/ or return the form in the call letter via email to iamgovemp@mtsunion.com.

    Cut-off date for the special room rate is August 10, 2017.


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  • Showcase Your Work in the IAM Newsletter and Website Contest

    So you write news stories or build websites for the union. Why not get recognition for your hard work? The entry deadline is May 5, 2017.

    InformationOfficial Call

    The IAM Newsletter and Website Contest is open to all local and district lodges in good standing with publications that are regularly distributed or mailed to members and/or regularly-updated IAM websites.

    Newsletter awards include General Excellence, Best Layout and Design and Best Feature. Website awards include General Excellence, Best Layout and Design and Special Performance.

    An independent panel of judges will review entries and select winners.

    The official call letter, rules and entry forms are here. Or you can visit the Communications Department contest site for more information.

    You can’t win if you don’t enter.

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  • IAM Mourns Death of Retired Grand Lodge Representative Steve Williams

    Former IAM Southern Territory Grand Lodge Representative Steve E. Williams, right, passed away recently at the age of 97. From left: Southern Territory Chief of Staff Jeff Smith, Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin, retired Southern Territory General Vice President Ed House, retired Administrative Assistant to the International President Dean Girardot, and Williams.

    Steve E. Williams, a 71-year IAM member who served as a Grand Lodge Representative in the IAM’s Southern Territory for 30 years, passed away on Monday, February 20. Williams, a lifetime member of the IAM, was 97 years old.

    Williams was the organizing director for the Southern Territory. The IAM loaned his services to the AFL-CIO, where Williams served as organizing director for the Industrial Union Department.

    “Steve was a great organizer and had a long, successful and colorful career,” said retired IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Ed House, who served with Williams.

    Before joining the IAM, Williams was a member of the U.S. Army Air Corps. He flew cargo missions in China, India and Burma over the Himalayan Mountains.

    “I’m glad I had the chance to meet Brother Steve before his passing,” said Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin. “He represents what the IAM is all about—helping others achieve the American Dream.”

    Following his retirement in 1981, Williams was chairman of the board for the Gulf Coast Trade Center in New Waverly, TX, an organization that helps troubled and disadvantage youth learn a trade and obtain a high school diploma. He would go on to serve as a board member for the Community Learning Center in Fort Worth, TX, which provides employment services for veterans.

    “Brother Williams was a true trade unionist,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “He had an aura of kindness and care that rubbed off on everyone he met. We have lost a great leader.”

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  • House Hearing Targets Federal Unions

    A House hearing on the federal government’s tracking and use of union “official time” is the latest hit in a growing list of attacks on the federal workforce.

    Federal employees are permitted by law dating back 40 years to address concerns of collective bargaining unit members. The law explicitly prohibits union activities while on official time, including any internal union business, solicitation of new members, election of union officers and any partisan political issues. 

    Some members of Congress who sit on government operations and economic opportunity subcommittees doubted the need for employees to work on official time activities full time.

    “There is a lot of misinformation about what ‘official time’ is and how it is used,” said National Federation of Federal Employees National President Randy Erwin. “Those trying to eliminate or reduce official time regularly claim it is used for internal union business and political purposes when that is simply not the case.  The truth is, those attacking official time are really just trying to get rid of the unions, and criticizing official time is just another way to do that.”

    The recent federal hiring freeze, the revival of the obscure “Holman Rule” that could slash civil servant salaries, attacks on federal whistleblowers and this latest attack on official time have made it apparent that federal unions are in the government’s crosshairs.

    READ: House Republicans launch latest hit on federal unions

    IAM government employees and NFFE-IAM members currently use official time across the country, as prescribed by specific departments and agencies. Qualifying activity is restricted to government business and is regulated by management, which decides how much official time is reasonable, necessary and valuable to their operations.

    “Official time is an important tool in the federal toolbox that is used exclusively by federal agencies to effectively address deficiencies and productivity issues, and provide assistance for the resolution of grievances and negotiations related to working conditions,” said Erwin.

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