• Clases de liderazgo en español y liderazgo en inglés ascendieron al capitolio

    Esta semana, más de 90 participantes del programa liderazgo II, del Centro de Educación y Tecnología William W. Winpisinger, cabildearon a sus miembros del Congreso en Washington, DC.

    El grupo incluyó miembros de las clases de Liderazgo español e Inglés II. Con ambos grupos compartiendo preocupaciones comunes sobre los asuntos legislativos que enfrentan la Unión de Maquinistas y sus miembros, su unidad y solidaridad estaban en exhibición mientras presionaban a ambas cámaras del Congreso.

    Representantes electos, incluyendo a los senadores Cory Booker (D-NJ) y John McCain (R-AZ), así como funcionarios del Congreso escucharon a los participantes de la IAM expresar opiniones sobre asuntos que afectan a los trabajadores y las comunidades en donde vienen.

    Desde la fundación del Grupo de Liderazgo en español en el 2006, la IAM ha ampliado sus programas para incluir Liderazgo I, II y Liderazgo Avanzado en español.

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  • Spanish, English Leadership Classes Team Up on Capitol Hill

    This week more than 90 participants from the IAM Leadership II program at the Winpisinger Center lobbied their members of Congress in Washington, DC.

    The group included IAM members in Spanish and English Leadership II classes. With both groups sharing common concerns about legislative issues facing the Machinists Union and its members, their unity and solidarity was on display as they lobbied both houses of Congress.

    Sens. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and John McCain (R-AZ) listened as IAM leaders spoke on issues facing working families.

    Since the founding of the Spanish Leadership Working Group in 2006, the IAM has expanded its programs to include Leadership I, II and Advanced Leadership in Spanish.

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  • IAM Transportation Members Serving Their Communities

    IAM members around the country have been hard at work serving their communities with different projects this week.

    IAM Local 1726 in Boston collected arts and crafts supplies for the East Boston Crossroads Family Shelter.


    IAM Local 1833 retirees and friends volunteered at the Neighbor’s Inc. Food Shelf in South St. Paul, MN.


    Las Vegas Local 845 held a community service bowling night in cooperation with the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.


    Local 811’s Marcus Shelton worked with friends, the Local 811 Human Rights Committee and other faith groups to help provide meals the less fortunate on Mother’s Day in Houston.


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  • IAM’s Hasan Solomon Highlights Working Family Issues on Radio

    IAM Legislative Director Hasan Solomon was a guest on America’s Work Force Radio to recap the Machinists’ recent legislative conference and highlight the union’s activism on trade, retirement security, pensions, good jobs and right-to-work legislation.

    “We brought in over 300 Machinists Union activists from across the country to pretty much speak truth to power,” said Solomon. “As you know, during the campaign we hear a lot of promises and now we’re trying to hold some of these elected officials accountable. We believe that we don’t work for them, they work for us, and it was pretty much a performance evaluation week last week on Capitol Hill.”

    Listen to Solomon’s segment on America’s Work Force Radio.

    Solomon emphasized that it was the IAM and organized labor that prevented the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) from ever coming to a vote.

    “We stood up and were unified and organized and we made sure that anybody who supported TPP, we would not support them,” said Solomon. “Now the main topic is renegotiating NAFTA, which we believe is the worst trade agreement in the history of this country. And we want to make sure it is renegotiated right… But we need to be sitting at the table.”

    The program also included a portion of IAM International President Bob Martinez’s comments on Capitol Hill, where he stood alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-CT) and several other senators who co-sponsored the Keep Our Pensions Promises Act (KOPPA) in response to radical changes made by Republicans to multi-employer pension protections.

    WATCH: IAM International President Martinez Pushes for Pension Protection Law

    To listen to the entire broadcast with host Ed “Flash” Ferenc, go to America’s Work Force Radio.

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