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  • West Virginia Members, Supporters Rally for Contract

    More than 100 supporters of IAM Local 818 attended a rally yesterday in Glen Dale, WV to show solidarity to the members on strike at Tecnocap. Members and their families showed up in force along with retirees, other unions and government officials.

    Watch District 54 President T. Dean Wright Jr give a strike update on Activate L!VE

     “Our members appreciate all the support everyone has shown,” said Wright. “Community members not only stop and drop off supplies but also get out and walk the picket line to show solidarity.”

    “These highly skilled workers have spent years working in apprenticeships to obtain the skills used to make this company not only successful but allowed them to produce three consecutive record years,” said Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro Sr. “These members deserve to be treated better than the way Tecnocap has treated them.”

    “This is a union busting employer at their best,” said Wright. “They showed up at the bargaining table with one proposal only and said take it or leave it. Our members were left with no other recourse and voted unanimously to hit the picket line.”

    Watch District 54 President T. Dean Wright give a strike update on Activate L!VE

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  • IAM Mourns with Humboldt

    IAM members attending the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center last week gathered to send a message of support to the Canadian hockey community, the town of Humboldt and all Canadians following the horrific accident that took the lives of 16 young people aboard a junior hockey league team bus.

    The bus carrying the junior league Humboldt Broncos team members, support staff and sportscasters was involved in a crash near Nipawin, Saskatchewan on April 6 while on the way to a playoff game.

    IAM members attending Arbitration, Collective Bargaining, Social Media for Organizing and TCU Local Chair classes all participated in the compassionate gesture.

    “The hockey community is much like a union,” said IAM Canada General Vice President Stan Pickthall. “Everyone sticks together and support each other in good times and bad. The show of solidarity and support from our members at the Winpisinger Center is a touching reminder of what a great union we are a part of.”

    “Our hearts go out to all those affected by this horrible accident,” said International President Bob Martinez. “Hockey is a way of life for many of our brothers and sisters in Canada. We feel their pain and mourn with them.”

    The Broncos play in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League at a level where players range and 16 to 21 and are not paid. The majority of people working in support of the team do so voluntarily, making junior league hockey very much a community effort.

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  • The Gift of a Guitar Bringing Members Together at Winpisinger Center

    Sitting on the serene banks of the Patuxent River in southern Maryland is the IAM’s world-class labor education facility, the Winpisinger Center. Every year, thousands of Machinists Union members travel here to learn skills in organizing, negotiating, union leadership and more.

    The Winpisinger Center also gives IAM members from across North America and of all different backgrounds the chance to meet each other. The atmosphere builds friendships that can last a lifetime.

    Members who have been here will tell you it’s often the conversations outside the classroom that create the closest connections. Now, thanks to a generous donation by two IAM members, the power of bringing people together through music will continue for years to come at the Winpisinger Center.

    “I just wanted to do something that I thought would be a nice way to give back to the Winpisinger Center,” said Billy Barnwell, directing business representative for IAM District 131 in Georgia.

    An avid guitar player since the age of 15, Barnwell noticed that the Centers’ guitar was giving in to its age. “It was on its last leg,” said Henry Bagwell, an education representative at the Winpisinger Center.

    Barnwell knew what he had to do. The next time he came to the Winpisinger Center, he brought a brand new American-made Taylor guitar with him.

    He split the cost with his friend Eben Barnett, a District 131 organizer who doesn’t play guitar but wanted to help.

    Barnwell saw the value of the donation early on.

    “Before you know, there’s a crowd gathering around,” said Barnwell. “It brings people together.”

    Bagwell agrees. He helped IAM musicians join together to create the band UnioNation.

    “Music breaks down virtually any barrier,” said Bagwell. “It cuts through all the garbage.”

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  • Safety and Health Conference

    Registration is now open for the 2018 IAM Safety and Health Conference to be held August 12-17 at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD. Deadline to register is Friday, June 1.

    Download the call letter.

    The conference is a great opportunity for IAM members to enhance their safety awareness and receive training in multiple areas, including: workplace violence, opioid addiction, active shooter, infectious diseases, worker safety awareness, conflict resolution and more.

    Applications must be approved by the Local Lodge President and contain the Local Lodge Seal.

    Download the call letter.

    Contact the IAM Safety and Health Department at 301-967-4704 with any questions regarding the conference.

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