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  • Lockheed Martin $40 Billion F-35 Deal Means IAM Jobs

    Lockheed Martin is nearing a deal worth between $35 billion and $40 billion to supply 440 F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter jets to the United States and 10 allied nations over the next several years.

    The proposed deal announced at the International Paris Air Show promises job security for hundreds of IAM members in Texas.

    “IAM members at Lockheed Martin who build the F-35 know its value to our allies,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “They produce the most sophisticated fighter jet ever made and can take pride in the fact that 11 nations recognize the capabilities of this aircraft.”

    The announced deal will more than double the total amount of F-35 aircraft under contract, and promises to create new jobs in Fort Worth, TX and Marietta, GA.

    Paris, as one of the aviation world’s largest gatherings, provided the first public stage for an F-35A to demonstrate its capabilities and maneuverability. During a six-minute flight, the fighter displayed a full power takeoff, steep climb, slow speed pass and tight radius turns.

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  • IAM Holds First Annual Al Granado Guide Ride in Mobile

    The IAM’s Mobile, Alabama office raised more than $7,000 for Guide Dogs of America on Saturday as part of the first ever Al Granado Hawgs for Dogs Guide Ride. The event honored IAM organizer Al Granado, who led the Mobile office before his unexpected passing last fall.

     “A special thanks goes out to all of our IAM members and staff from the Organizing Department, the Southern Territory, Districts 75 and 73 who helped make this such a special event,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez, Jr. “Al would have been proud to see all the teamwork that went into bringing the IAM together with the local Mobile community to raise money for such a worthy cause.”

    Guide Dogs of America provides guide dogs to visually impaired men and women across North America free of charge. The ride was sponsored by the IAM’s Grand Lodge, Southern Territory, Districts 75 and 73, and Locals 18, 37, 1133, 2452 and 2919, as well as the Homewood Suites Mobile, the Gardner Law Firm and the Mobile Building and Construction Trades Unions.

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  • Liberals make good on election promise with Bill C-4 in Canada

    True to their word, the Liberal Government in Canada, led my Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has eliminated anti-union legislation with the passing of Bill C-4.

    Two old pieces of legislation, both created by the Harper Conservatives through private members bills from backbenchers, were a sore point with the IAM and other unions. Bill C-377 required labour organizations to make a series of public financial disclosures including all transactions of more than $5,000.00. Bill C-525 replaced the card-check system with a forced secret ballot vote for any decision to certify or decertify a union. The newly passed Bill C-4 repeals both pieces of legislation.

    “I wish to thank the IAM for its efforts in trying to make changes for the working people of Canada,” said federal Labour Minister Patty Hajdu. “We made a commitment to improve our relationship with organized labour by reversing this legislation and the proof is in our actions. We’re working on a decent work agenda to modernize Canada’s Labour Code.”

    The Liberal government took another step in the right direction on Wednesday June 14, 2017 when it ratified the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention 98. The convention reinforces the right to collective bargaining and protects all workers from anti-union discrimination, including being forced to give up union membership in order to get a job, or job termination for participating in union activities.

    “This is a very significant step because successive Canadian governments since 1949 have refused to sign this agreement,” said IAM Canadian Chief of Staff Gord Falconer.

    “By ratifying Convention 98, Canada is committing not just to respect collective bargaining rights, but to promote and uphold them abroad and at home,” explained Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff. “By signing this convention, Canada is finally recognizing the crucial role that strong unions and collective bargaining rights play in reducing inequality and building stronger, fair and inclusive economies.”

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  • Martinez Calls on Aerospace Workers to Unite Globally

    IAM leadership from the U.S. and Canada are meeting with union representatives from 10 other countries—Japan, the UK, Italy, India, Sweden, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium and Morocco—to build union power in the growing global aerospace industry.

    “We must take international solidarity to a new level,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez.

    Aerospace unions in Paris this week are assembling as affiliates of IndustriALL, a 50-million-member global union federation that works to organize and raise the standard of living for working people all over the world.

    Solidarity is especially critical in the aerospace industry, said Martinez. Multinational corporations pit industry workers against each other, using the excuse of international competition to drive down wages.

    “Let us never forget, we all represent aerospace workers,” said Martinez. “We all have the same desire for better wages and benefits, health care, retirement and job security.”

    Companies like Boeing have continuously shipped IAM jobs with good pay and benefits to China, where working people have few rights. The company recently broke ground on a 737 finishing center in Zhoushan, China.

    “When a company would rather create aerospace jobs in China—instead of at home, it’s time to take solidarity to a new level,” said Martinez.

    IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall has seen the same corporate behavior, which he said is “moving work to low-wage countries in order to increase profits at the expense of workers globally.”

    Aerospace unions must have solidarity on a global scale, said Martinez. That means sharing information, coordinating on organizing and trade policy, and demanding companies respect commitments made under global framework agreements.

    “We have the opportunity to continue building on efforts to bring justice and dignity to all of the world’s aerospace workers through union strength,” said Martinez. “This is opportunity to build a global aerospace workers movement that will rival the global aerospace companies.”

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