2019 St. Paul Auto Dealers Negotiating Committee

2019 St. Paul Auto Dealers Negotiating Committee 

From Left to Right: R.J. Habben from Buerkle Honda, Dan Wicklem from White Bear Lake Superstore, John Duerscherl District 77 Business Representative, Jeremy Platzer from Kline Nissan,

Andrew Peltier from Schmelz Countryside and Grant Ross from Rosedale Chevrolet 


Please view the Negotiations_Survival_Handbook for more information.


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Negotiation Update Text Blasts


“IAM: Today went well. Proposals were passed from both sides. Expect more updates before our next negotiation date. Tuesday March 12th. Good day.”



“IAM: Met with dealers today. We had a team of Pension Fund representatives at the negotiations to discuss the strength of our union pension. We discussed and made progress on proposals.



“IAM: Congresswoman Betty McCollum joined us today to address the St. Paul Auto Dealers Association regarding pension legislation. Moved forward on a few proposals. More to come next Tuesday.”



“IAM: Good afternoon. We were close on reaching some agreements today. Both sides have language to revise and present. More to come Thursday April 4th 2019.”



“IAM: We would like to update everyone on the status of the 401k proposal. The St. Paul Auto Dealers Association has continued to propose a 401k plan without further details during yesterday’s negotiations.”



“IAM: During negotiations today, there was further discussion regarding proposals from both sides. The St Paul Auto Dealers Assoc is carefully reviewing THEIR 401k proposal after all the feedback from the membership on the shop floor. This is still a 401k plan proposal without any plan details. Keep up the solidarity in the dealerships. Your voice matters!”



“IAM: We had a full day of negotiations with the dealers today. During our final two scheduled meetings we will be starting the “economic” portion.”

“IAM: We had discussions about the pension. We’re working hard on a suitable conclusion that will work for both sides. Keep up the pressure!”



“IAM: We had a full day of negotiations with the St. Paul Auto Dealers Association today. The Association’s 401k proposal is still on the table.”

“IAM: We still have NOT received an Economic proposal at this time. Negotiations are scheduled for Wednesday, April 24th 2019.”



“IAM: We had over 10 hours of negotiations with the St. Paul Auto Dealers Association today. We currently do not have a Tentative Agreement. There is negotiations scheduled for tomorrow 4/25/19″



“IAM: We have reached a tentative agreement with the St. Paul Auto Dealers Association which includes RETAINING our pension. Remember to attend Contract Ratification Vote at the Mermaid Sunday April 28th at 9:00 am to vote!”


“IAM: I had a meeting with the Attorney for the St. Paul Auto Dealers Association in regard to the Pension Surcharge. The current contract language allows us to make modifications to wages or fringe benefits to pay for a Pension Rate Surcharge and we will discuss how this could work Sunday at the Ratification Vote. Please attend this very important Ratification Vote. Sincerely, John Duerscherl”



“IAM: Thank you to everyone who attended the Ratification Vote today. You have Ratified a 3 year contract. Thank you to everyone for all of your help throughout these negotiations. Your 2019 Negotiation Committee.”



“IAM: In response to a letter from the Dealer Association that you may or may no receive today that references a change to your hourly rate, the Union is working with the Association to resolve this issue. I apologize for the inconvenience. We have been working on a resolution for some time due to language concerns. I will pull all stewards as soon as possible to inform them of the resolution. – John Duerscherl Business Representative”



Please check back for regular updates on the status of the  St. Paul Auto Dealers contract negotiations!

For more information or questions please talk with your shop steward or contact Business Representative  John Duerscherl.